Nourished for a Lean Clean Well Women Over 40 

 So you have (or are about to)  surpass that big four o!

A time when health challenges magnify, multiply, and you are fed up with feeling stressed, sick and tired! (I’m hearing you, been there too) Don’t fret, there are solutions….

  • Lean Muscle
  • Good bone density
  • Vibrant energy
  • Glowing skin
  • Feeling Strong and nourished
  • Wake Rested ~ Every Day!
  • Happy and calm ~ no matter what flings your way.
  • Comfortable in your skin and clothes

I don’t think there is a women on the planet who said yes; give me aches, saggy skin, belly fat, sick, stressed and tired! We didn’t’t sign up for that ‘course’.

Most women like you want to feel in control of their body and mind, to know they ‘have got this’ and you can.

My mission is to create a ripple of empowered well-being among women our age, the forgotten generations, the carers and lovers who often came last.

It’s time huny for you to step up for you, to love you regardless of the messy bits that has been showing in your life to date. I get that, my life has had some really messy bits, some totally awesome adventures and a whole lot of fun thrown in. A life of learning and growing.

Some of the Benefits of Working with me:

  • Profiting from 30 years+ of Holistic Health Care (Naturopath/Herbalist) brings a wealth of knowledge and access to resources beyond the average coach. This takes the guesswork/Dr Google search/blind experimentation out of the equation. We just get straight to the core of the issue and resolve that so this beautiful body can heal itself.
  • Guided plans that are tailored to your circumstances to make life easy and simple, not more complex and restricted. These plans make use of natures finest healing gifts: powerful herbals, superior supplements, Nutrient dense superfoods. Giving your well-being the nourished foundation to build upon.
  • Accountability partner, because we know change can be daunting and difficult at times. In addition you will will plugged  into the tribe of like minded women (and men) that will love and support you all the way.
  • While I am here to support you, I cannot do it for you, that my love, is up to you. If you are willing to take the first step and unfold your wings and learn to fly along the way, your biggest fan/cheerleader is right here!

You are not meant to do this alone, come join our growing tribe of wonderful women.

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Recipes for Well-being

Recipes for Well-being

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