3 months in intensive care


A True Story That Raises One Important Question.

What value would you place on your health?

This is a story related to me about one amazing women’s wellness journey. I relate this story from the context of where she was currently at. Well at last!

BUT, 3 months in intensive care!

Mrs M related this story which began about 7 years previous: It began with distressing digestive disturbances, which had persisted for some time. Various Doctors/specialist had been consulted, medication prescribed, to no avail. Now this is not the Doctors fault, they did all they were trained to do. Finally one physician suggested exploratory surgery, to see what was going on.

One week after the surgery, (which gave no conclusive results). She suddenly dropped dead the isle of the hospital, and had to be revived, rushed back to surgery. Opened up from the breast bone to the pubic bone..again. They found that an artery had been ‘nicked’ and her abdomen was full of blood. Luckily she survived!

Repair work done, back to intensive care to recover. One week later down she went again – flat lined, and had to be revived for the second time (this time she had a nice little chat with god). Back for emergency surgery, opened again, seems a large abscess had formed on then pancreas where the ‘minor’ exploratory surgery had been performed. This had to be drained over a period of time, not a pleasant experience! Back to intensive care for recovery.

This took 3 months!

Her very devoted husband sat by her side the whole time, giving her love and all the support she needed. He is a wonderful man totally devoted to the love of his life, whom he had almost lost twice!  Just one slight problem, he could not go to work at the same time. As a self employed contractor this meant 3+ months with no income.

How much is your health worth?

Finally after 7 months she was able to go home for the long slow recovery. The bills mounted, they were forced to sell their lovely home.

How much is your health worth?

3 years later still suffering the same digestive distress she consulted a natural therapist. With just few drops of blood, food allergy test where taken. Yes, you have to pay for this allergy test and for some it at first appears expensive.

How much is your Health worth?

The results where clear, she is intolerant to gluten. For the past 4 years she has been avoiding gluten containing foods, and having NO digestive disturbance.

Her husband is one of the hardest working men you could meet, and at 76 years old he still works full time (and overtime) at a hard physically demanding job. He does this so they can rebuild their lives and pay for their humble cottage which they purchased subsequently.

How much is your health worth?

Gluten is a very common component in most western diets. It is in wheat, rye, oats, triticale, and derivatives of these. It is used in many packaged foods as a thickening agent.

Not every digestive disturbance is due to Gluten intolerance, that’s for sure. But checking foods may just be a good place to begin when the digestion is causing grief. As a trained natural therapist with many years experience, I can either recommend an elimination protocol or give you a referral for food sensitivity test with my Gold Standard Laboratory in Australia.

Simple Non-invasive Testing.

As Mrs M related this traumatic story of her recovery it saddened me that she didn’t know about the simple non-invasive test that can be recommended when I as a naturopath suspect food intolerances. I tend to use these if the particular food is difficult to pinpoint, yet many times it is easy for a trained professional to narrow down the likely suspects. Then a controlled elimination diet will confirm and dietary changes recommended.


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