Welcome fellow ‘Health Nuts’.

Are you really flourishing in menopause?

It can be a tricky time, juggling the stresses of life, knowing what to eat to give the nourishment needed during this change, getting ‘enough’ exercise, having the energy to get through busy days and rejuvinating rest. Yet these very things can be the gap  between floundering and flourishing.

I show women like you how to flourish in menopause with my private mentoring programs to be the best version of themselves. Excited? Check out the website, and if you would like to enquire about working with me, please fill in the contact form here

A Very Warm Welcome To You.

Wellness is a way of being. Making one choice once and living into that lifestyle daily. While deeply loving and forgiving the ‘less than perfect’ parts that make you the most beautiful women you are.

Together we will break through those fears and uncover the radiant being you where born to be. Finding your inner peace through deeply nourishing your body and mind lays the foundation so you can revel in your long held passions. Let’s do this together. What lead me here, now to shine the light for the path to your health began…..

The Way Back Machine

Let me share a little of why I’m so passionate about this.

My name is Kathy and my story began nearly 4 decades ago, with a yearning to resolve my son’s health problems, recurring ear infections, asthma and hay fever, and I mean constant and often. Poor little guy, there is nothing more difficult than watching your baby suffering pain and feeling helpless..

You see I had followed the medical path without great long term success. He needed to build his immunity and the anti-biotics and symptomatic treatments DID NOT help with that…..

Compounding that was a lifelong challenge for myself with severe digestive issues (IBS), constant hay fever and the regular signs of hormone imbalance, and despite (CLEAN EATING) growing organic food, our own meat, eggs and organic milk my energy was often low and I was miserable. I had grown accustomed to these problems and thought they where ‘normal’.

My search for answers led me to qualifying as Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionist/Life and Business Coach, and have worked in this field for 40 years (so far).

During my studies  I was introduced to the power of intermittent fasting, in made sense and I committed to make it a part of my lifestyle. While it worked a treat to help with my issues it didn’t resolve them completely.

In 2010 I was shown a system of Nutritionally Supported Intermittent Fasting, and that system has revolutionised my health and that of family, friends and clients. Now the growing collection of scientific research confirms it’s effectiveness.

Let’s Write Your Story

You have landed here for a reason, whether it’s the body, the peace of mind, confidence freedom and joy you will find resources here to get you on the path. Change is never easy, but it will be worth it. Besides I’ve got your back, I won’t let you get away with telling yourself the same ol’ crap anymore. You can do it, and I am the gently nudge you need to take the next step. Together we will peel back the layers to let your brilliance shine and be who you where always destined to be.

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Much Love


5 Fun Facts You may not know about me:

  • I have a (actually 2 adjoining) houses in the South of France which I LOVE to hang out at and sometimes rent out for Holiday letting.
  • For 13 years we owned a Banana plantation where we lived a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • I have 3 awesome adult children (and their wonderful partners) and NINE yes 9, grandchildren.
  • I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, and have finally embraced that passion.
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding and anything ocean feeds my soul and brings me joy.

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