Avocado Ice-cream & Hormones

Avocado and Hormones

Avocado the Superfood to Optimise Hormone Health.

Avocado and hormone health, the superfood for your hormones. The key players in hormone health a recipe for your delight. Little known discoveries to keeping hormones in balance.

If you have followed me for a while, you will know I’m not a fan of one-hit wonders. This is because we have body of systems and systems within systems that all work together. Holistic medicine embraces and integrates this foundation of wellness. 

Hormone balance is a delicate dance between the endocrine glands (ovary, adrenal, thyroid, pancreas) the liver and digestive system.

Yes, you read that right, the hormone production begins in the liver with hormone cascade beginning with cholesterol produced by the liver, converted to progesterone then into estrogen, testosterone and so on. 

When circulating hormones or ‘worn out’ it’s the liver that is in charge of removing them from the blood stream. (I go into detail with this in the Women’s Guide to Balancing Hormones Naturally Book). I will keep it brief here. 

Menopause Estrogen Decline

After menopause estrogen is no longer produced in large quantities by the ovary, that ‘job’ goes to the fat tissues. Progesterone is the precursor of estrogen and an imbalance of this pair can lead to experiencing common signs such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and weight gain.  

Into this delicate dance we have important players of insulin, (which plays big in the weight gain side of things) and the adrenal hormones (think moods/energy) , when working well is like grand orchestra humming harmoniously.

The Role of Gut Health and Hormones

Latest research now points to another important player, your gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria determine how your hormones are metabolized (used by your body). Some scientists are calling this not just the microbiome, but the “estametabolome” or “progestametabolome” because they are finding that the bacteria in your gut really determines how hormones are broken down and presented to the rest of your body! Traditional medicine had concluded thousands of years ago that gut health and hormone health were closely connected.

You will know if your gut/ digestion is in peak condition or not by the tell-tale signs of bloat, belly ache, gas, irregular bowels. If any of these signs are an issue for you, I encourage you to get a high-quality digestive enzyme with amylase, lipase and protease taken with meals. 

Along with pre-biotics and probiotics. Pre-biotics are food for gut bacteria/probiotics so are equally important, find them in soluble fibre. Fresh fruit and vegetable skins, whole grains ground linseed and our queen of the day AVOCADO are excellent sources of double fibre.

Avocado Superfood Season.

Avocado wins when it comes to choosing one superfood for health and hormones. Plus, where I live it’s Avocado season and there is an abundance of them right now. 

Studies show some of the benefits of Avocado from fighting inflammation to improving insulin regulation and weight loss. The insulin regulation is due to the monounsaturated fats in avocados and that fat is also needed to make both estrogen and progesterone. The fat in avocados is also lubricating for the digestive system.

When stressed, adrenal gland produces stress hormones that pump cortisol throughout the body. Beta-sitolsterol is a compound found in avocados that help balance the stress hormones. That is always helpful, especially during ‘the change’ when anxiety levels can peak.

There are lots of other really important nutrients in avocado including potassium, iron, and B-vitamins. 

Now you can go with Guacamole, Avo on toast, in salads, but it does wear off when there are so many. Today I give you Dairy FREE Avocado ice cream.

Dairy Free Avocado Ice-Cream Recipe

  • Dairy Free Avocado Ice-cream 
    2 ripe bananas chopped 
    2-4 ripe avocados
    1-2 fresh limes
    450 ml coconut cream
    2 drops vanilla 
    Fresh honey to taste.
    Peel and chop the banana and avocado pop them into separate zip bags and freeze.
    Pour the coconut cream into ice cube trays and freeze.
    You will need a good blender or I use my Thermomix to blend.
    When they are all frozen 

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