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Belly Fat – What type is yours

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What type do you have and how can you get a flat tummy fast?

Not all fat belly’s are a result of the same process.  There are 6 main types the following article reviews the causes and what you can do about your growing girth. The often resorted to, cutting calories and exercise more myth may just be causing the problem. It’s important to understand which type you have to take the actions to produce the results you desire.

The main types of belly fat:

Adrenal Bulge -Stress related – that often comes with headache, poor sleep, backache and general fatigue.

Over committed/life work schedules with little time for rest let alone a proper meal. This type often miss meals, particularly breakfast, and rely on strong coffee or stimulant drinks to get them going and keep going. The nutritional deficiencies associated with this lifestyle further stress the adrenal. Long term can lead to adrenal fatigue, which is extremely debilitating.

This constant on the go life leads to the over production of cortisol – the fight or flight hormone, produced by the adrenal gland. When the body is constantly flooded with cortisol and there is not accompanying (running from the sabre tooth tiger) activity, cortisol is stored as fat. These fat reserves are stored at the front of the body close to the liver. Where it can be quickly converted to glycogen (muscle energy) if/when needed.

Adrenal Stress Belly Fat

stress belly

Stress belly fat is easy to spot, it is not distributed evenly but concentrated on the midriff and on the front of the gut.

To combat this type of weight gain, focus on stress reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, ensure adequate/restful sleep and exercise such as yoga. Special consideration needs to be given to lifestyle factors/commitments. Allow enough time to eat slowly, as rushing food stimulates production of cortisol, setting the pattern off again. The foundation of excellent nutrient dense foods and supplements to support the adrenal ensures long term improvement.

Carbohydrate or Sugar Bulge

This is a biggest growing (no pun intended) segment, they love food, love eating, and are drawn to sweets and carbs (baked goods/burgers/cake/pizza/pasta/buns) most fast foods come into this category.  This may or may not include beer or alcohol with sweet soft drink mixers.Sugar - Carbs Belly Fat

These simple carbs are quickly converted to sugar (known as high glycemic index foods) this sugar is then stored as fat if you are not working out hard/long to burn them.

Eliminating carbohydrates is not the answer as it may at first seem a simple solution. The body actually needs complex carbohydrates to function. It’s the primary fuel for the brain and the muscles.  As you can imagine stopping them completely would leave you both tired and stupid.

Often with sugar/carbohydrate cravings an underlying condition of and overgrowth of the bacteria candida is prevalent. These foods provide the perfect conditions for these gut bacteria to thrive. It also triggers cravings for sugars and simple carbs.

The solution- eliminate white flour goods, white anything. Go for whole grains, whole meal grains. Reduce or eliminate simple sugars, and products that contain them. Re-establish healthy gut with natural water soluble fibres, and gut healing nutrients.  A well balanced nutrient dense diet will help fill the nutritional gaps and restore normal function.

Beer Belly

Very similar to carbohydrate belly, as beer is a high carb, it’s accompanied by sugar/beer/wine cravings and often a back ache is apparent. I’m not saying never drink beer (wine/alcohol) merely saying that one glass on a rare social occasion is the more desired consumption for health…and a slim waist.

Beer BellyThis is the classic pot belly that looks a little like there is a baby in there. What happens when you consume alcohol your body’s ability to digest food is slowed. When Alcohol is consumed all carb and fat burning activity of the liver is put on hold . Alcohol takes precedence as it is actually a toxin to the body and must be cleared. Short version- fat burning stops when alcohol is consumed and the effects can last up to 48 hours after consumption. This combined with the effect of blocking protein synthesis thus lean muscle depletion over time, further slowing the metabolism. All make for a strong case to only consume 1-2 adult drinks per week – if at all.

The solution – Eliminate or cut right back to a minimum of 1-2 standard drinks per week. Focus on increasing fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, good quality protein. The nutritional cleanse system recommended also give the additional bonus of nutritional intermittent fasting.

Are you ready to get a handle on your love handles? 

Kathy’s real and rawness along with quirky nature is exactly what I need to get through my life long journey of staying at optimum health. She is always quick to respond with various options and gives me confidence in what I am doing. Supportive and confidential I feel confident working with her and feel supported’ 🙂 Lari – client

Belly fat can be predominantly one of these (or other – more on that later;-)) causes, or it could be a combination of 2 or more.

Helping you unravel the causes of your stubborn belly is where I shine. Click the button below to book your session, I want to hear about your struggles and answer any questions that have been plaguing you.


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