Shed Belly Fat, Increase Lean Muscle

The shocking TruthTERRIBLE ISN’T IT?

Bad enough that the skin goes dry and saggy, the belly bulges and won’t seem to shift, energy depletes, libido vanishes, joints ache. Then on top of all that you feel rather worried and somewhat miserable with the prospects and this can make you a little edgy at times.  They say it’s just a part of getting older and is normal.

I’m here to tell you just because it’s common does not mean its normal!

All of the above complaints have been associated with ageing and all are associated with a drop in gender specific hormone levels. How do we separate declining hormones and ageing. We can’t really, but the good news is as we support the hormone production we also are doing the best we can to slow the over-all ageing process.
I do advocate the use of supplements, there is just no way to get enough of the essential nutrients into your system from healthy, organic, fresh in season foods (let alone, chemically treated, mass produced, stored, travelled, nutrient depleted foods) to overcome the damage caused as your body ages.
Having said that the very first supplement I believe EVERYONE needs to take is Omega 3 or fish oil.
Fish oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid Omega 3, when your body has enough Omega 3 it will make the necessary Omega 6 and 9. Recent studies link the high intake of Omega 6 with inflammation, most diets are too high in Omega 6 (from grain oils) and it is necessary to take Omega 3 to balance this overload.
Reduce inflammation, i.e. achy, stiff joint by ensuring adequate intake of Omega 3 essential fatty acid. They also alleviate dry skin, and help in preventing some of the cancers that are associated with female and male reproductive system. The dose will vary depending on how much Omega 6 oils are in your diet (sunflower/safflower,corn, oil, etc) but a guide is between 1,600 mg -2,850 mg per day.

Shed Belly Fat, Build Lean Muscle

Quality protein increases lean muscle and sheds belly fat (visceral fat). Protein is also essential for the healthy production of testosterone.
Testosterone though commonly thought of as a male hormone, and it is true that males produce much higher quantities of this hormone, females also need testosterone. Testosterone is important in energy levels, the immune system stamina and muscle growth.
In the female testosterone is responsible for libido, it is produced in the ovaries until menopause. After menopause its production for most women goes over to the adrenal glands. Not all women have healthy adrenal glands due to adrenal exhaustion; this process therefore cannot be successfully transferred.
Unlike other female hormones that have been synthesised and given as a replacement therapy, often with varying degrees of success and side effects. Testosterone is not suitable for supplementation as the body can and will convert it to Oestrogens which may increase the risk of feminization in males and the associated risks of oestrogen dependant cancers in both males and females.
The body will manufacture testosterone if the building blocks are in place. One of the essential building blocks for testosterone is protein. Interestingly protein also builds lean muscle, and reduces visceral (belly) fat. As talked about in last weeks article.
Recent studies Isagenix superior to leading ‘heart Healthy Diet” read more
The BEST source of quality protein is from Whey and not just any whey, undenatured whey as in our isalean shakes.
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