Breakfast of queens

Breakfast Like A Queen

The question is, what makes a breakfast fit for a queen and why?

Breaking your overnight fast with a nutritious breakfast not only makes you a happier person it has many long-lasting health benefits. It gets your metabolism started, which is perfect to help maintain healthy weight. A healthy breakfast will reset your blood sugars and help reduce blood sugar risks. A healthy breakfast will even boost your memory, this one is foremost in the minds of the empty nesters/baby boomers. 

What makes up a Healthy Nutritious Breakfast?

A healthy breakfast provides essential macro and micro nutrients essential for growth and repair of healthy cells. Macro nutrients are Proteins, Carbohydrates, Good fats and natural fibre’s both soluble and insoluble. Micro nutrients are the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements.  These are the building blocks and fuel for optimum function of healthy cells, and healthy cells lead to a healthy body and mind.  

The question I often hear from my clients is where do I get all that, every day, AND still have time to do my busy day?

I’m hearing you, I am busy too and don’t have hours to prepare a complex, what amounts to a major meal 3 times a day! What if I told you there is a simple answer…. We will get to that later. 

Firstly, I would like to explore a couple of key points, the first being protein and secondly fibre.

Carbohydrates are often in plentiful supply in most modern people’s lives, think bread, cereals, cake, pasta, yes even whole meal! 

Protein Pacing.

The majority of people I consult with have one major protein meal per day, general the main meal and often in the form of meat. Sometimes another small portion of a protein is included during the day either at breakfast or lunch. 

For efficient fat burning, body fuel that satisfies hunger, builds lean muscle. Adult needs around 24-30 grams of protein three times a day! Now think this way: an average sized chicken breast is around 30 grams of protein. A boiled egg for breakfast yields around 13 grams, so 2 eggs every day would get you on point for breakfast for the protein part at least. Add wholemeal toast and the carb and some fibre would be getting close. It’s easy to see why this has long been suggested as a healthy breakfast, because it does cover the essential macro nutrients. Leaving the essential fuel and building blocks for your cells in short supply, missing all those essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants.

It’s no wonder so many depend on coffee to keep them going in the morning and often with a carbo-loaded snack. They have simply run out of fuel, so the body sends the message for more fuel, we are not very good at working out what that requirement is. 

Natures Broom and Food for Good Bacteria.

Natural fibre comes in two forms:

Insoluble, from the outer layer of grains, fruits and vegetables. This gently ‘sweeps’ the inner lining of the digestive system and helps with elimination of wastes after digestion. Think healthy bathroom habits. 

Soluble fibre comes from fresh fruits and vegetables and grains.

The recommended amount to consume is around 30 grams of fibre a day. The average western diet contains much less than 20 grams. Here’s the kicker! Genetically we are not very different form our ancestors of 4,000 years ago. Added to the change in diets is the change we are faced with as grains are modified and bread to suit mass production, and in the process reducing the available fibre.

Soluble Fibre and friendly bacteria.

Inside your gut is a world of bacteria, some friendly others not so. The friendly ones, according to vast amounts of current research, have a powerful effect on overall health. The taking of pro-biotics has been an attempt to keep the gut well inoculated and overall health improved. The only problem with that is those bacteria need to food to thrive, and guess what they love? 

Introducing Prebiotics.

Pre-biotics feed the friendly bacteria so it can thrive and multiply, this is where our wonderful soluble fibres is the queen. 


Most busy people do not have time to create a healthy well-balanced meal 3 times a day, and one healthy meal a day simply will not provide the essential nutrients needed for balanced health.  A simple solution to ensure you are getting the full complement of macro and micro nutrients EVERY DAY begins with a healthy breakfast. One way to take the guess work out and make up for modern depleted foods is a perfectly balanced complete meal super smoothie. To give you a choice of variety, rather than the usual recipe with each post I suggest you download the free recipe books. Including the 12 super smoothie booklet. Your body will love you for it! Come over and join the conversation on the Facebook page and get more health tips daily

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