Herbs for health

Herbs for Health

Considered As One Of The Best Blood Purifiers

Burdock Root or Arctium Lappaburdock

Described as a handsome plant that grows freely throughout England and parts of Asia on waste ground and about old buildings, by roadsides and in fairly damp places.

Blood purifying herbs are kings when it comes to detoxifying the body at a cellular level. Not just a ‘liver cleanse’ or ‘bowel cleanse’, yes these are both important components in the detoxifying processes of the body. The aim of a really good detox system is to work at a very deep cellular level preferable without distressing dashes to the toilet.

5 Benefits of Regular Cleansing

  1. Clear Skin – Your skin  the largest organ of elimination and if the body and other organs of elimination are overloaded with toxins the skin does what it needs to by eliminating toxins – in the form of pimples, rashes, dark blemishes, eczema, and dry dull skin. The first noticeable significant change from cleansing is healthy glowing skin.
  2. Enhances Health – Symptoms such as allergies, headache, fatigue,  and nausea are often just signs that the body is suffering from an overload of toxins.
  3. Helps in Proper Functioning of Various Body Organs: Various body organs and their functioning depends on the blood supply. So, any impurity in the blood can lead to damage in their proper functioning. However by following blood cleansing one can keep the organs like liver, heart etc safe and aid them in proper functioning.
  4. Helps in Strengthening of Immune System: By cleansing or purifying the blood one can actually strengthen the functioning of the body’s immune system.
  5. Helps in An Overall Healthy Living: Blood cleansing is known to work great in preparing the body to fight against the impurities and toxins and thus aids in a better and healthy living.

These benefits are exactly why it is a key ingredient in an excellent cleansing regime. Intermittent fasting with a cleanse ‘tea’ and support elements regularly have huge health benefits. (see article on intermittent fasting previous)

Burdock benefitsBurdock -fasting

This powerful blood purifying herb is found in one of the key components of the system I recommend. Always finding the best quality for your health, to give the best results, every time.  

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