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Marrow Soup Recipe

Marrow Soup Recipe Spring has arrived and the zucchini quickly turn into marrow if you miss a day or two picking. Today a quick and simple, very tasty marrow soup. Serves 4 A delicately flavored, creamy soup. 1 small onion 1 small potato 500 gms courgettes/zucchini/marrow  (or what ever name you give them) 2 tbs …

Intermittent Fasting – Potassium Broth

Intermittent Fasting – Potassium Broth

30 Years Ago while in the early stages of Naturopathy Study, a classic health book was “How To Get Well” by Paavo Airoa was one of my favorite. I often talk about the lessons from this book with my intermittent fasting friends/colleagues/clients. This recipe is at their request.  How To Get Well was one of …

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