Don’t Cell Yourself Short

Mineral Therapy…. essential nutrient link that joins two traditional therapies-

Homeopathic Tissue Salts


Physical Mineral Elements

A new approach to therapies that has been trusted for over 130 years

Healing with Cell Salts

Don’t cell yourself short!

The biochemic system of medicine was created towards the end of the 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, who concluded that if the body became deficient in essential minerals, this imbalance would cause health problems.

How to use tissue salts

Dr Schuessler identified 12 vital mineral – or tissue – salts essential for normal body function at a cellular level. He determined that imbalance in one or more of these salts led to specific health problems and diseases, but that balance could be restored by taking the necessary mineral element.

  • Minerals are the building blocks of our bodies.
  • They are required for fluid balance, protein structures, and to produce hormones
  • They are co-factors, catalyst or inhibitors of  ALL enzymes in the body.
  • Copper and iron for example,  along with other minerals are required for the electron transport system, thus needed for all cellular energy production.


The NEW Active Element Mineral Therapy takes traditional homeopathic cell salts (i.e. The Schuessler System) in addition to the Physical mineral elements.

This gives powerful fast acting results

Safe for the whole family

Tissue salts work effectively in conjunction with other forms of healing as they address the imbalance on a cellular level. They are absolutely harmless, as they are inorganic elements which naturally occur in the body. They cause no known side- effects. They cannot become toxic in the body due to overdose as they merely replace what is deficient; the body expels any excess.

After serious or long-term illness, the body is quiet often depleted in more than one mineral element so it’s not unusual to need to take 2 different combinations at one time. There is no harm in taking more than one at a time.


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