Time to be energized - From Sick and Tired to Fully alive

How to Feel Energized All Day – Every Day

How To Feel Energized All Day – Every Day.

There is no doubt about it, the two most common complaints on peoples lips, is not enough time in the day and not enough energy to make it through the day.

Energy is an elusive concept to describe, it’s easy to know how it feels to be too tired to do what needs to be done. That dragging your butt around, with a brain that is screaming for rest. Every limb feeling like it has lead weights on it, motivation low, and feeling sad.

Sad because you cannot play with the kids, hang out with the girls a little later.  Your work standards may be below you know you are capable of. This will be noticed!  It’s really tough.

First let’s explore the production of energy and how it boosts.

It begins in the cells with a 53 step process that converts food to energy/power. This process fuels the metabolism and every other function in the body.

Each step along the way has catalyst of enzymes, specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc that permit the process to complete.

Interestingly we have another mechanism for energy, one that gets loads of attention. Which is the fight or flight mechanism, with a shot of Adrenalin/cortisol to give the blast to escape the tiger.

This is where most people try to boost their energy with stimulants like energy drinks, coffee, and other recreational drugs. Adrenal energy is different, it will help you, finish that late report, get to work on time,  win a race. It can also leave you scattered, exhausted and in need of another stimulant. This energy isn’t where your power is, its very useful for sure, especially escaping from Sabre Tooth Tigers.

The power that fuels your energy, your metabolism, your mood comes from that complex Krebs cycle and its 53 step process…

What does that powerful energized person look/feel like?

On the weekend I had the privilege of hanging out with a tribe of 1,500 individuals at a wellness conference. I attend these 4 times a year with roughly the same gang. They are all fueled by excellent nutrition and have the foundations of wellness as part of their lifestyle.

We often have highly acclaimed international speakers who work with world leaders.

Tony Robbins comment when he walked into the room to present: “normally when I begin my talks I have to lift the energy of the crowd (get the adrenals going), but this group is different the energy there.

David TS Woods said: I give talks all over the world, normally when we have this many people in one room, (not part of this tribe) there is lots of coughing, people leaving early, people sleeping in their seats. I never see that at these conferences.

Colin James had everyone ready to play even though he only had 3 hours to cover what he normally covers in 6 hours. (a very entertaining trainer)

That’s what powerful energy looks like, it provides the endurance to complete, the mental clarity to focus, the calmness to take it all in your stride.

How many people do you know who are that energized?

The bigest problem with stimulants and energy drinks is they provide nothing to support the production of energy, rather they use the available energy as the adrenal is kicked into action to produce adrenaline cortsol and DHEA.

Adrenal fatigue is real, the poor thing, how the heck is supposed to keep going if the fuel is not there to support the production of energy.

I know many, and have the joy of helping many more find their energized power.

The thing I love most is watching people unfold as their energy production increases, when the foundations of well-being are in place. They begin to evolve into the person they where born to be.

That lights my fire! That is just one of the reasons I retired as  a Naturopath to devote my attention to coaching people through that transformation. Yes it is a transformation. Transforming their body and mind Well-being

  • Boost the metabolism, excess kilos release.
  • Clarity of mind opens the world to new exciting possibilities.
  • Energized body loves to move because it feels GOOD (not because that’s what you are supposed to do)
  • Playing, living, laughing out loud…being fully alive!

I coach/support people through this transformation with a system to provide the foundation of wellness. With 1:1 coaching from myself as well as a private Facebook support group. You are provided with the tools to transition easily, with meal plans, healthy snack tips,and if you want you can join our online community fitness group.

Free to enter competitions, giveaways and lot’s more.

To explore if this community might be for you, book a freebie phone chat now click here



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