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What’s growing in your body?

If you have had antibiotics, drink alcohol, eat sugar or processed carbohydrates chances are Candida Ablicans could be taking over the garden.

Your gut is a thriving garden of bacteria, most of it friendly, but some can cause real problems as I explain later.

Candida Albicans, also know as candidiasis, thrush, candida vaginitis, or ‘that itch that is driving you crazy’.

When there is an imbalance and the un-friendly (candida ) bacteria over grow and the friendly bacteria die off from such things as anti-biotics, corticosteriods The Pill, we have a problem.

Candida overgrowth is insidious,. Only in some cases are symptoms localized and obvious- vaginal yeast infection for instance. For the most part the symptom are ambiguous – anything from brain fog, fatigue, gastro-intestinal distress, rashes, hives, or sinus infections.

Hint: The finger nails and toe nails can be a handy indicator

candidafingernailRescue Mission 

The first line of defense is to get some good friendly bacteria into the gut. Pro-biotics and Pre-biotics are a good place to start.

Secondly: we want to boost the immune system with high quality nutrients and supplements.

Thirdly: There are specific herbs that help eliminate Candida over-growth. One of my favorite is Pau D’arco, this is part of the herbal Cleanse for Life™ Blend.

Foods that work well:

Avoid: Sugars, Alcohol, Bread, Processed Carbohydrates, moldy foods: cheese, melons, pistachios.

Include: Garlic, Coconut Oil, (Coconut Oil is in Isalean Shakes- the perfect breakfast- from ‘the shake queen” )

To make life really simple and  include all of the above in a lifestyle that keeps you and your gut healthy try the 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse now.




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