Head Lice – natural treatment

It’s that time of year again!

The summer fun, hanging out with cousins, and buddies down the road is finished for another year, and it’s back to school time….

Back to school can almost guarantee certain things….HEAD LICE being one of them! Lice

I have to say, just writing about them makes my head itch!

Those pesky little bugs can be very difficult to eradicate and toxic chemical treatments, expose young bodies to unknown risks and the results can be patchy at best.

Here are my natural tips to keep on top of that annual problem.

Firstly a little myth busting…

Head lice is nothing to be ashamed of and is most defiantly not a sign of dirty hair, nits just like warm heads, that’s how they live….

Head lice and nits love nice warm heads, in fact they cannot live of the head for more than 20 minutes. So don’t worry about boiling sheets/pillow cases and fumigating the pillows. Just wash as per normal.

How they are spread:

Head to head contact is how they spread, which is why cuddling kiddies are more prone to them, they just love their friends and get up close and personal….. a lot! (head lice  DO NOT jump like fleas!) This is the only way they spread…be warned hats make a equally nice warm place…so sharing hats will share a tad more than shade.

Nits have a life cycle from egg to breeding adult, and man those little things can breed! head-lice-s4-head-lice-look-like-found

To tackle the problem we need to focus on 3 important stages: The eggs, the adults and ‘sharing’

The passing from one person to another is something to be aware of, but most likely the most difficult of all the stages, because it’s all about the LOVE. Refer above ‘How they are spread’.

So let’s reduce the breeding population:

One of the most effective treatments is to suffocate the little blighters:

Coconut oil is very nourishing to head and scalp and because nits breathe through a series of vents on the sides of their bodies, they are quiet prone to suffocation.  Grab that coconut oil  ( you can add a 2-5 drops of Rosemary oil) coat up the hair and head well, put on a shower cap and leave overnight. In the morning wash with regular shampoo (you may have to give it 2-3  goes to clear the oil) Repeat weekly… for 3 weeks minimum to break the cycle.

Then we tackle those eggs that are firmly attached to the shaft of the hair and don’t breathe…so are not affected by the oil treatment. Load up the head with a thick layer of conditioner, leave it in for 10-20 minutes, then the slow process of combing begins. The eggs lose their attachment, but you have to comb them out with a fine toothed metal comb. Have a paper towel and a dish of warm water at your side to clean the comb often. Tedious I know, but the more you remove them the better your chances of eradication.

Hair spray the natural way.. To stop future infestations spray the head with a fine mist to dampen the hair each day. You can spray the bedding if you like, because it smells pretty good..

This can be made with some simple home ingredients: (Lice don’t like the smell of this brew!)

Into your 500ml spray bottle place 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar.

To that add:

40 drops Lavender oil,

25 drops Rosemary oil,

40 drops Eucalyptus Oil,

and either: 25 drops Geranium OR 25 drops Clary Sage Oil.

Shake vigorously before use, spray on hair each morning and evening.

I hope this makes keeping lice free safer and more effective method.

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