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Yesterday I was in a deep discussion with one of our residents at the high care aged facility I work. She realized she is having great difficulty adjusting to her apparent loss of independence. This is difficult for all concerned and the staff do all they can to ease this transition. I honor this sweet lady for admitting it was her own attitude that was making it really hard. She was ‘beating herself up’ for not being able to do the things she once could. She then descended into a dark place and gave everyone she came into contact with a hard time.
Does this sound familiar?
She and I came up with a new way of looking at the situation, with a new question to focus on each day.
An affirmation, but that comes later, a little background first.magicmoments
We decided that when she is feeling uncomfortable, stressed, agitated with a situation she would stop…take a deep breath and ask herself : “is this my resistance to change OR is this actually NOT OK” Are they just trying to help (when I actually do need help)…
We all go through life with many changes coming our way, some good, some not so good, some downright horrid. The difference is the attitude around what happened and the story you and I attach to that event. After all the event is just an event we give it meaning.
Anthony Robbins explains this concept a little more in this short clip.

My lovely lady and I came up with a ‘magic question/affirmation’, which I have expanded to be suitable for us all regardless of the stage of life we are in, the challenges we face.
How can I graciously accept this stage of my life and appreciate more magic moments?
How can I graciously appreciate more magic moments in my life right now?

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