Kathy takes you on an exploration of hormones and the 40+ women. Naturopath Kath has almost 40 years helping women like you restore the natural and normal hormone balance that helps women flourish.

How to Identify if your hormones are out of balance and what you can do to lose that stubborn belly fat without all the expensive herbs and tonics

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Kathy Edwards BHSc. ND
Naturopath and Hormone Health Coach for almost 40 years. EXCLUSIVE Free Training  Reveals

  • The Tell Tale Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance
  • The science behind how to drop belly fat and weight after 40
  •  The Missing Information Most Health Practitioners Completely Overlook
  • ​Bonus: I will also show you a natural organic process we use to help bring your body and hormones back into balance.

If you’re wanting to lose weight and increase your energy during menopause, it pays to understand the concept of Hormones and stress. ( Fight or Flight)
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Increasing energy and stopping weight gain issues can sometimes feel like its almost mythical or impossible, but the reality is, the female body changes the way it shifts weight for two main reasons..

1. Stress

2. Hormonal Imbalance

As our lifestyles have changed pace over the years, and we move through a time where we have learned to deal with endless sources of stress, our bodies have become subject to ”lifestyle” changes that trigger our hormones to behave in ways that over compensate with our busy lifestyles, that would normally be reserved for truly life threatening situations..
10,000 years ago, in the hunter gather age, women lived fairly calm and simple lives…

Our role was pretty straight forward as we raised our children, gathered and prepared food for our clans, and spent our days focusing on only a few simple things at a time..

Naturally, threats were everywhere, however the only time we felt a hormonal response to those threats were when our lives became immediately in danger, like the sudden appearance of a pack of hungry wolves circling, or the imminent invasion of another tribe into our camp.

These sort of events IMMEADIATLY send our body into a state of FIGHT or FLIGHT, which in layman’s terms means, our stress hormone “cortisol” was pumped furiously into our blood stream, sending us into a heightened state of anxiety and stress, where we would quickly make a decision to burn the cortisol off either in battle or in retreat.

After this, our bodies would return back into a state of hormonal balance, and we would continue on living as usual.

However, in todays society, we are faced with stressors not only on a daily basis, but almost on an hourly basis, especially if you have a career, family, mortgage or a retirement to think about..

And in todays stressful environments, our hormonal stress response gets triggered up to as much as 60- 70 times per day with all the little things that pileup and compose themselves as just an ordinary day.

🙋‍♀️The media🙋‍♀️Phone calls from creditors🙋‍♀️ Teenage Children🙋‍♀️Lack of sleep🙋‍♀️Relationship Challenges🙋‍♀️Stressful Careers🙋‍♀️Lifestyle Habits. Food, Alcohol and Exercise

All of these events trigger our natural “fight or flight” response, sending more and more cortisol into our bloodstream…

And when it comes to Hormonal Weight Loss, there are two forces that create weight gain with incredible speed and predictability;

Stress and Hormones

And in the lead up to Menopause your hormones, Estrogen and progesterone fluctuate, which influence the Hormones Insulin & Cortisol, which eventually leave your body insulin resistant and stress sensitive which results in two things…

Belly Fat and Menopausal Symptoms

That’s it!!!

Your body, thinking it is under threat, begins to store fat for your own protection, and no amount of cream or exercise is going to change the way your bodies intelligence interprets the outside world.


You see, trying really hard to get into shape is one thing, but unfortunately all these hormonal problems are going on underneath the surface sabotaging literally all of the hard work you are investing into your health.
Often creating problems at work with focus, at home with tolerance and with our own sense of peace and self worth.

You see getting weight down after 40 has very little to do with exercise, or expensive herbs, tonics, treatments or potions..

When it comes to women over the age of 40, Exercise and diet should be used to help restore hormone imbalances, and most exercise and meal plans out there exacerbate hormonal imbalance,
Which is why the weight just doesn’t go away

Because weight loss after 40 isn’t physical..

It’s hormonal

So in order to bring your body back into balance, you will first need to know where your hormones are at..

And then from there, we can restore your hormonal balance by making incremental changes that help you shift the weight..

Without all the expense, fuss and guess work
And you know what??

It’s not that hard to do…

In fact it’s probably a lot simpler than you think…
If you would like to learn how you can implement these simple changes into your life quickly, efficiently and without to much fuss or effort, then watch the free training I have put together for you where I will show you ….

* The Tell Tale Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance
* The science behind how to drop belly fat and weight after 40
* The Missing Information Most Health Practitioners Completely Overlook

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