Intermittent Fasting – Potassium Broth

30 Years Ago while in the early stages of Naturopathy Study, a classic health book was “How To Get Well” by Paavo Airoa was one of my favorite. I often talk about the lessons from this book with my intermittent fasting friends/colleagues/clients. This recipe is at their request. potassiumbroth

How To Get Well was one of my early introductions to intermittent fasting, which I practiced for some years, then stopped and have taken it back up as a health practice 5 years ago. In the past 5 years the science has evolved and the herbal cleanse drinks provide a deep, gentle, cellular cleanse and the support we have now make it something that just about everyone can do with adaptations for specific health issues.

Some of the lessons from the past and that great book:

How you prepare for a fast/cleanse and break the fast/cleanse is as important if not more that than the actual fast.

So great preparation is essential, preparing the body with nutrient dense foods. Ensuring the organs of elimination are functioning at the best, doing gut repair etc (more on that another time.) The first foods taken after a cleanse/fast reset the body for an acid or alkaline tendency and much more……

Alkalizing our system is desirable on many levels, we do that with the food and fluids we consume and keeping12607221_10153813021695242_1122809163_n stress levels under control. Stress will have your system acid quick smart, therefore part of the preparation takes into account the stress factor. Adaptogen herbal tonics are brilliant at helping the body cope with stress, be it physical,environmental, or emotional. Meditation and relaxation techniques also have a powerful role to play.

One of the elements form “How To Get Well” was an alkalizing broth that is high in minerals. Really easy to make as well. If you are going to use this on a fast/cleanse day,  I suggest you prepare the broth prior to the day of your fast…or you might break the fast with a big munch on potatoes….. This broth is delicious!

Potassium Broth recipe:


2 large potatoes, chopped or sliced to small chunks
1 cup carrots, shredded or sliced
1 cup celery, chopped or shredded, leaves and all
1 cup any available vegetable,
beet tops, turnip tops,parsley or a little of everything.
However broth can be made with just potatoes, carrots and celery.
Add some garlic, onions, fresh ginger slices thinly, fresh turmeric sliced or grated  and/or any of natural herbal spices.

Put all vegetables and herbs in a stainless steel utensil, add 1.5 liters of filtered water. Cover and cook slowly for about 1/2 hour.
Strain, cool until just warm and serve the liquid only, discarding the solids. If not used immediately, keep in fridge and warm up before serving.

Vegetable broth is one of the standard beverages in all biological clinics in Sweden. Fasting patients always start the day with a big mug of vegetable broth – a cleansing, alkalizing and mineral rich drink.

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