Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Beginners Guide: How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Get Lean, Energized and Age Youthfully

Introduction: today we explore what exactly is intermittent fasting or (nutritional) cleansing is. The benefits to your energy, slowing ageing and weight management. I do a brief review of its history and scientific research. Why it is so popular and the short and long term health benefits. How to get the most from cleansing and the major toxin groups. The  bodies natural detoxification pathways. Importantly,  exploring why we need to assist those pathways.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is the practice of regular short duration 1-2 days of dramatically limited calorie intake. That is; not eating regular meals. Used in conjunction with calorie restriction feed days (500-600 Cal meals 3 times a day with 2-5 healthy 100 cal snacks.) has been shown to have many benefits.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting (cleanse days).

Let’s begin simply with the most obvious, your digestion. The act of digestion takes from between 10 – 30 % of your energy 24/7 a (depending on what type of food you eat). So just giving that break alone will have you feeling more energetic.

The research into intermittent fasting goes back a long way with early research reports subjects happier. As the years went by the emphasis changed to modern health conditions. Findings include improved fat loss, improved growth hormone production leading to improved/faster metabolism. The bio-markers for ageing and cardio vascular health improved, it is sustainable long term. It promotes healthy weight loss while maintaining lean muscle mass. Perhaps the biggie is it is easy to adhere to.

A long History

Intermittent fast isn’t new, in fact  Hippocartes, Plato and Aristotle lauded the benefits of fasting.  Intermittent fasting  has been used by ancients cultures and in religions for centuries. Parvo Airola was a modern pioneer of western holistic health as we know it today. He studied intermittent fasting throughout the world back in the late 80’s early 90’s. During my studies to become a Naturopath,  Parvo’s  texts first introduced me to this healthy concept.

I put his guidelines into practice 25-30 years ago. There were some ‘rules’ for success.

  • How you prepare for a fast and how you break the fast can have as big an impact as the fast itself.
  • Keeping the body well nourished with highly concentrated nutrients during the fast will protect against such things as blood sugar drops as well as protecting against the loss of essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as protecting against muscle loss.
  • Nutrient loading on feeding days to build lean muscle as we age.

The fact is from around 30 years of age we typically lose around 3-5% muscle mass each decade, making this a priority to protect.

Why do we need to Cleanse/Fast?

Our body has a natural detoxification process that on the most part works pretty well.  You and I where born with a natural and efficient detoxification system. It sort of gets messy when we add a host of environmental toxins that our body wasn’t really designed to cope, such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. Our water is treated; the air we breathe is laden with these toxic chemicals. Our homes are perhaps the biggest culprit with furnishings, flooring, walls materials all being treated with chemicals. Its quiet a cocktail!

There are different 3 types of Toxins Families That Play Havoc with our Health. They Require Different Cleanse Processes to Eliminate.

  • Water Soluble Toxins: These are reasonably simple to eliminate and peeing your way to health is real. So to help shift them simple water fast or lemon water, or such things as a skinny tea fast. Will speed up this process.
  • Fat Soluble Toxins: these are the toxins your body can’t rid so easily, so it manufactures fat cells to store them safely. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be visibly  fat, in fact the visceral fat (that which is wrapped around your internal organs) is the most dangerous of all fat and not always visible. Visceral fat predisposes you to heart disease and diabetes.  These fat soluble toxins require specific enzymes to break them down to again be water soluble for elimination via the usual pathways.
  • Heavy Metal Toxins: The most difficult to move, and widespread, they have been found in the blood of new born babies, those living in isolated environments. Heavy metals are also extremely persistent, that is they don’t readily break down. They come from such things as filings in your teeth, non-stick coatings in pans, paint, car fumes, pencils etc. It is agreed that there is not a person on the planet today that does not have PCB.s in their system.  PCB’s are used as a reliable maker for research into the removal of toxins and they have been banned from use for over 40 years.  The removal of these heavy metals is called chelation and this process is the most difficult to achieve.

Now that may seem alarming, don’t panic, there are solutions.

Recent peer reviewed research shows that specific systems does indeed address all 3 toxin categories. As mentioned the water soluble toxins are relatively simple, just increase your water intake (and pee your way to health). The fat soluble require specific enzymes to render them again to water soluble. The chelation process requires yet further enzymes to release the heavy metals from the cells into the blood stream where they can be passed into the organs of elimination.

The nutritional cleanse system studied in this ground breaking research is leading the world in this field. Though it’s been around for 15 years, the research is finally proving what has been witnessed firsthand.

After 7 years using this ground breaking system of nutritional cleansing, there is no way I will be giving up the feeling of vitality, mental clarity, happiness and strength …ever! The only way to experience this is to actually try it for yourself. (There is a 30 money back guarantee – get your health back or get your money back)

I would love to hear from you: with your questions, experience, or concerns. There are a few simple ways to do that.

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