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Isalean™ Review

Isalean shake held promise, but I needed to try it myself as I have dietary limitations this is what I discovered.

For years I struggled with what to have for breakfast, and believe me I wake HUNGRY every morning.Being Gluten and Dairy intolerant, the usual cereal and toast version is most defiantly out! Eggs I love but just once a week perhaps.

Ten Years Searching!

Some 10 years ago the search began in earnest, to find a nutrient dense, filling, and satisfying for hours and most of all tasty with some variety…..It took a while – 4 years to find the perfect combination after much experimentation.

I tried all manor of concoctions, some nice, but not filling, some disgustingly sweet, some just disgusting.

Healthy Acid/Alkaline Balance is Essential

The other essential element of my search is that the delicate acid alkaline balance, it’s essential that unlike the other breakfast (grain/animal based) which tend to the acid side. Fruit, vegetables and only a very few grains which are either neutral or only slightly acid. I wanted to be sure that my diet was heading in the right direction – alkaline. (why is the subject of another post). Let’s just say for now, it’s very important.

Finally I found my perfect breakfast, (breakfast like a king!) it is packed with high quality nutrients with a perfect balance of carbs, protein and fiber. It has 70+ vitamins, minerals and trace elements, pro-biotics AND (perhaps more importantly) Pre -biotics. I create variety with seasonal fruits (strawberry overload currently) Kale, greens, I love to add frozen fruits. Hint: chop ripe bananas and place in a sandwich bag in the freezer- ready for a pre -cooled refreshing shake anytime! What I really love is my breakfast shake! It’s a gift of health I give my body each and every day, starting on a high point each day is just the beginning of a great day and week.

Isalean shake
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Perhaps a new concept to you, basically as an adult on we tend to consume the majority of our protein at the evening meal. Research is strongly suggesting though we may not need MORE protein, consuming it in even intervals throughout the day is far superior. So having around 24-30 grams of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner….. Isalean shake is a perfect solution with 24 grams of high quality protein and can substitute 2 meals a day…not jut breakfast! Of course healthy snacks and a healthy 3 rd meal complete the nutrition puzzle.

While Isalean (24 grams high quality protein) (or Isalean pro = 30 grams high quality protein) is an awesome product it’s just one of the FIVE pillars of health and a system that has all FIVE is the foundation of wellness.

Including a VEGAN friendly version…check this video out!


Additional flavours to suit all tastes…..warning you might have to hide them from the kids! Just kidding, they are so good for kids as an additional supplement to a healthy daily diet (not a meal replacement)

Isalean Shake
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