There’s a good chance you found this site in your search for relief from menopause troubles, and a better understanding of the changes you are going through.

I would love to help and guide you through, this stage and beyond, you will find lots of information and tips on this site, please use it freely. Some of you will want more and keen for answers quickly, this is where I can help out.

Working primarily via skype/zoom with virtual consultations, in person consultations by arrangement only.

Working clients worldwide specialising in women’s health and particularly Menopause issues. My experience in clinic (for almost 40 years) helping men, women and children, I know a lot about what works.

Showing you how to tweak lifestyle, nutrition to lay the foundation of wellness to which specific herbal tonics, and supplements boost recovery is the way I work. This requires that you are ready for change, and if that’s not you yet (that’s ok) follow my facebook page, visit the blog, and subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates.

Please Jump over and watch my FREE training video before applying for a complementary Discovery session to see if I can in fact be of assistance to your current circumstances or guide you to help.

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