Saving your Brain, and guarding against Diabetes.

Nutrient that is Anti-Aging, Brain Saving
Guards  Against Diabetes

This week I am fascinated with a pretty special nutrient that has been considered anti-aging, brain saving and help guard against insulin resistance and diabetes. A pretty impressive selection of credentials!
Fresh spinach iin a wooden bowl on a cutting boardThis natural nutrient is found in nature in our food, and through the wonders of the chemical industry they have managed to make a synthetic source. One small issue with the synthetic…our bodies do not recognise/absorb it. Not much help really.
We saw a shining example of this phenomena with thalidomide. This wonder drug for morning sickness proved to be disastrous as history shows. What happens in nature, to put it simply, each molecule spins a certain direction, and our body can ‘latch’ onto that. The unfortunate thing is the synthetic version spins in the opposite direction. Thalidomide provides an example of what can happen when the spin is wrong.
Nature is truly amazing! Basically our genetics have not changed for 10,000 years, so we are geared to what nature has provided.
I digress… back to our wonder nutrient.
As I said you can get it from fresh vegetable and meat, though the highest sources are organ meats, broccoli and spinach, plus some can be found in tomatoes and brussel sprouts. So munch up on those greens to stay smarter longer, and keep you blood sugar balanced.
It has been established that R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is useful in the treatment of Diabetes, Diabetic neuropathy, Vascular Disease, Cognitive decline and dementia. Making this nutrient something everyone over 35 needs to ensure adequate levels.
Over 35?
Yes I am afraid with specific test the first signs of age related cognitive decline is evident.
Now that is scary!

If you want to get into the scientific details visit the Linus Pauling Institute website here.

I am really pleased to report that our Product B Youthful aging Antioxidants plus Telomere Support has a good natural source of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. This is yet another reason I recommend it and take it myself every day, and will for the rest of my life. This is such an amazing formula and the more we learn about how each ingredient works the more amazing. You can get Product B online here

I wrote a review on Product B in a previous post, visit it here

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