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Youthful Glowing Healthy Skin

Learn how your skin gives a clear indicator of  your inner health

  • Clear glowing skin
  • Cheerful Smile
  • Shiny Hair
  • Ideal Body Weight/shape
  • Kindness/Happiness

So often beauty is equated with the outer layer, the skin, hair, nails, and body. Too often the popular media try to convince us that if we apply this or that magic potion to the outer layer we will be closer to that elusive thing called beauty. When actually the outer layer is merely a reflection of the inner and outer health

Glowing skin can be hindered or thrown off balance completely by a number of factors, these are the  5 most common causes of skin problems.

The most common skin problems: Acne, Eczema, Roasacea, and Premature Ageing.

These to a degree can be influenced by genetic predispositions, the good news is through healthy diet, lifestyle changes and natural medicine you can change your genetic expression.  The primary  causes of skin issues are:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Oxidative Damage
  3. Blood Sugar Issues
  4. Nutritional Deficiencies
  5. Hormonal Imbalance

Let’s take a look a tad closer at each of these trouble makers.

# 1. Inflammation; an immune response caused by digestive issues, most often ‘leaky gut’ even it you don’t think you have digestive issues, if you have any of the common skin issues, there is a VERY good chance you do in fact have digestive issues leading to an immune response and inflammation which can manifest on the skin where you can see it. There is also a very good chance that inflammation is manifesting in other hidden areas of the body.

# 2 Microbiome Disturbance – a disturbance caused by a lack of friendly bacteria both in the gut and on the skin, intestinal parasites and overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria including Candida Albicans. Other important factors that impact glowing youthful skin are toxins, stress, poor dietary choices and some  medications.

# 3 Oxidative Damage – from sun damage which can lead to premature aging, sunburn, skin cancers it also depletes antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Internal oxidative damage  comes from toxins, poor dietary choice.

# 4 Blood Sugar Issues: Caused by sugar consumption, but also BBQ ing, Grilling, frying and roasting which lead to glycation, ( leads to the bonding of sugar molecules to protein or lipid molecules without the controlling action of enzymes…. getting a science talk – let’s just say, its not a good thing)

# 5 Nutritional Deficiencies commonly caused by restrictive or inadequate diets, alcohol and consumption/absorption issues.

# 6 Hormonal Imbalance show up as dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne or rosacea. Hormones are derived from amino acid, phospolipids and cholesterol. They affect mental focus, memory, cognition, sex drive, cardio vascular health,bone growth , sugar regulation,and metabolism.

Stay tuned next week for how to resolve these problems that can affect the health and vitality of your skin.






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