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Can’t Meditate? Here are 9 Other Ways to Break Free From Stress

If you love meditating and do it regularly, you’re still going to want to read this post.

While the health benefits of relaxation techniques like meditation are amazing, there are other ways to relax as well. You may want to try something new or share some of these ideas with a friend or family member who might want to de-stress but just can’t seem to meditate.

Either way, I have you covered with nine non-meditation ways to break free from stress.

And, this week’s recipe relaxes you and smells ah-mazing!

massage benefits

Massage benefits

Massage Benefits for discomfort, tension, aches or sport injury   Massage is a preventative and restorative therapy. it assists with elimination of toxins, increases circulation, oxygenates muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system. What conditions can massage assist with? Massage Can : Arthritis Improve circulation Asthma Reduce stress & anxiety Back Pain Reduce muscular tension and …

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