Menopause Weight Loss

Weight gain sneaks up and is particularly problematic in women 40+.

In the lead up to menopause the hormones oestrogen and progesterone begin to fluctuate  then decline. This in turn influences Cortisol (adrenal stress hormone) and Insulin (Blood Sugar hormone) leaving women insulin resistant and stress reactive. RESULTING in belly fat and menopause symptoms.

These women have broken that cycle for not only weight loss but happier healthier and more energetic versions of themselves.

AlisonAlison’s story: After 3 major surgeries in the last 25 years 2 Open Heart Surgery, 1 brain Op, I found it very hard to maintain a healthy weight, I was lacking energy, focus and get up and go.  My Current medications, cost played a part in delaying starting and I thought I wasn’t overweight just uncomfortable with years extra bits. I had struggled with this for around 15 years, despite clean living and eating, though exercise was sporadic.

Maintained for 11 months cleansing from the inside out, loosing excess body fat with a full- time commitment to a nutrition plant base system & just daily lifestyle exercise. I have dropped and maintained 2 dress sizes and lost 16kg (WOW until right this minute I never worked out my Kg loss before!)

More energy, leaner building muscle, improving mental clarity has been the delightful surprise ‘side effects’ 

I have known Kathy for a long time now, she is a great friend & now a business collegue. I trust her professionalism, opions, knowledge and experience. If she ever she doesn’t know something she will find out before offering guidance.

Kathy has lived and very full life which many would only dream of doing. She is happy to step out of her comfort zone in a positive focused manner. She loves working & sharing her years of knowledge and experience in the health industry. The best thing about working with Kathy is: I look and feel amazing, more energy, changed my overall health lifestyle and how I approach it. I eat a regular no hassle healthy food plan.



They say your (peri-menopausal) daughters may never listen, but I’m pleased that after 2 years of ignoring what I said: Natasha has had an amazing transformation. What I have noticed way beyond the visual transformation is the mindset shift. I am proud of what Natasha has achieved, she is a true inspiration to many. We now work together to help others who want similar awesome results.


Lari Said :

Lari Hilzinger

Kathy’s real and rawness along with quirky nature is exactly what I need to get through my life long journey of staying at optimum health. She is always quick to respond with various options and gives me confidence in what I am doing. Supportive and confidential I feel confident working with her and feel supported’ 🙂


I would be amiss to not show my 16 week body transformation. It’s all about the tummy for me, both what you can see and what’s going on in the gut. This before (left) was after months of travelling, eating, our way around India and France. Yes it shows! 8 weeks  after returning home and getting back into my routine of Nutritional Cleanse I was feeling and looking so much better.

Gosh When I look at these photo’s side by side…. no wonder I felt yuk before!


‘Katherine’s knowledge and experience in all aspects Natural Health are second to none. Her commitment to this life long study has equipped her with a vast tool box that will not only inspire you but at times challenge you if needed. She will support your journey and hold you accountable for your outcomes, while offering the assistance that only years of experience can bring. I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being to at the very least have a conversation for possibilities with her.

KS, Psychologist, NSW

Donna, now has released weight that she has struggled with all her life.

But the best thing is the difference to her health. Living in an isolated community with very limited public transport, being able to drive long distance is essential. Due to her health challenges (that her Dr couldn’t find a resolution to) meant she was virtually trapped in her home town.

Not any more!

Donna can jump in the car and drive to the coast to visit family.

That is priceless!


Deb, Life Coach, SA – Said:  I have had a long standing weight problem. Though trying many diets and exercise programs I was still unable to get rid of the extra kilos. During our sessions it became apparent to me that there where other issues that where ‘holding me back’. In particular a relationship issue. I was blaming others for some things I needed to firstly take responsibility for and then address whether my belief patterns around that issue was serving me now.

I am pleased to say that Katherine challenged me on that issue with positive results. I say positive and I mean life changing, because had she not challenged me I am sure I would have left a wonderful relationship and our children would have been victim of yet another marriage breakdown.

The results have been fantastic and I would recommend Katherine for her vast experience, her understanding, her ability to cut through to the real issues and challenge for positive life enhancing results.


Dave, Head of Sales, NSW -said: I had been burdened by extra kilos and a lack of self esteem particularly since my divorce. I had made attempts to change this situation with the usual methods, such as trying to change my diet and doing some more exercise. After just a few sessions with Katherine I got really committed to a ‘real’ health building program, which I stuck to! Katherine’s coaching kept me on track and with all the information that I needed to understand what  was the best program for my personal needs, I soon was on top of my game. I am happy to say that almost 2 years down the track I have incorporated healthy living into my life and my life has taken on a new quality, which also includes the love of my life to share it with!



JB, Teacher, NSW – Iridology really interested me, in particular what health issues can be picked up. Kathy picked up some stress in my body, I have since been mindful of this and found way to manage stress. Exercise is part of my stress management, which also means the sleep problems I had are now a thing of the past.



SA, Teacher, NSW – Burnt out is the only way to put it, poor sleep, constant fatigue, weight gain, aches and pains, stress, anxiety – now all just a memory, the change in my health, energy, mood has changing!


MB, Personal Care, NSW – 3 weeks after my visit I had a wonderful cleansing process, which left me feeling totally invigorated. The information Kathy gave was very helpful and I would recommend her to anyone.


Macleay Community Options – The staff really appreciated and enjoyed every minute of learning, attitudes improved with their lifted spirits.  Individual attention really helped with specific health issues. We look forward to the opportunity to do another program with Kathy.



EV, mum, NSW- my 2 yr old daughter was having severe issues with her bowels, after many test with specialist with no result, except advice to do more expensive test. I took her to Kathy, who immediately picked up a possible food intolerance,  we eliminated the problem foods with instant results! Her health continues to improve.


K & M, Self Employed Managers, NSW –

Our ‘problem’ was we knew what we wanted to do, i.e. get more customers, what we lacked was the know how of just how to achieve that outcome. Plus we have lots of competition from other operators in the area.

Not only was our goal to get more customers but we wanted them …., like now! Our objectives for our business have a pretty tight 5 year plan of which we where already 1 year into that plan and for those objectives to be met we simply had to find a solution quickly.

With Katherine’s coaching we assessed our business and made the decision to focus on effective marketing of our business was the way to achieve our outcomes.

Katherine assisted us in our search for workable solutions and the results speak for themselves

We just wanted to let you know that our quarterly figures have just been compiled and to our delight turnover has jumped from $18,000 to $32,000 for the same month last year. Fantastic! Thanks for your input to our on-going success. We are continuing to implement some new strategies.

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