The Gift of Well-being

Tragic Trap of Eating Well and Clean

The Tragic Traps Of Eating Well and Clean

So often people tell me they eat well, and they actually believe they do!

We are bombarded with masses of conflicting information on what is good to eat and what is going to be the death of you.

Recently the popular press and some of the top heart specialist finally admitted that butter is actually good for you and manufactured hydrogenised vegetable fat is not. FINALLY I SAY!

People still have the strange notion that eating low fat will reduce body fat…’s not going to work, in fact the statistics show that since there was a low fat buzz people continue to get fatter at an alarming rate.

To avoid pesticide laden vegetables and fruit many people grow their own organic version, which is a wonderful step in the right direction. Did you know that the nutrition content of organic food is barely 5% improvement on the commercial stuff, but you do get to avoid the pesticides, right?

Our foods have become so nutrient deficient and this has been catalogued over some years. UCLA did some research back in 1997, they had a sample of spinach from 1953 and that of 1997. They tested iron levels in both samples. It was found to get the same amount of iron from the 1997 sample you would need to eat 43 bowls the get the same amount of iron from the 1953 sample (remembering had they used organic it may have only been 42 bowls).

People in the US spend more on “Health Care / Sick Care” than they do on food. Hello, there is something very amiss here!

Every few months a ne

w wonder food comes out with all sorts of healing properties, Kale being  one recently, yet too much of that and you could give yourself oxalic acid kidney stones.

Coconut Oil once considered lethal is now considered not only safe, but actually extremely good for you.

Gluten, well that one I have a special association with, being gluten intolerant. Now my thoughts on this one are: Ancient grains had much less gluten and the breads where hard, chewy and tasted pretty good. The public didn’t like to chew it would seem so the grains have been improved…..some by GMO to make more gluten and give soft doughy breads and don’t forget they must keep on the shelf. This stuff has nothing to do with what our ancestors ate 100 + years ago.

Foods imported from China and some other Asian countries lack certain hygiene processes that we have come to expect here in Australia. Some of the ‘food factories’ would frighten the most hardy when you read the reports.

So you only eat what you produce, pity the air those plants are breathing is polluted and the soil

Env_contamination1.ifhas been affected by 200 years of farming practices cross contamination. But hey it’s a good beginning!

It may still be rather deficient in nutrients; some of them are simply not available in our ancient Australian soils. While I advocate this lifestyle and live by it myself, I know from research and experience it’s still not enough.

I keep meeting up with raw food vegetarians who feel like crap, which is interesting as this is supposed to be the ultimate in diet by the totally committed. Why do they feel under par with all that good food, juices and shakes?

Then I come across the fasting detox type. Again on the right (sort of) track, detox is important, or may I correct myself and say essential BUT…….Done incorrectly and you risk doing more damage than good!

It can get rather confusing for the health conscious person who prides themself with keeping up with the latest.

So many of these wonder cures are really one hit wonders. When what is really needed is a scientific system.

Having studied Nutrition, Herbals medicine, and worked with the health conscious for over 25 years, I think I have seen just about all that you could imagine. BUT you know what, the fundamentals remain the same!

Choose organic, choose moderation, choose variety, choose fresh, choose, activity, choose life. Then add the essentials of a good system that gives balance and incorporates the best of what we have learned so far.

A system that will saturate each and every cell with high quality organic herbs and  nutrients including ionic minerals and trace elements from ancient sources, along with a perfect balance of macro nutrients enzymes, and soluble fibres so the body/mind can function at it ‘s peak. H

This system ideally incorporates a scientific approach to cleansing the system, one that will support the body’s natural detoxification and organs while boosting this process at a deep cellular level. To help eliminate a lifetime of toxic air pollution, spray drift, and other harmful elements that we have no escape from in our modern environment.

It is essential this system adapts to different lifestyles, some may be stay at home mums,  who don’t have much time, others are retired and active, some are committed sporty types, others have a hectic working life.  Life is full of variety, enjoy the differences!

The 30 day nutritional cleanse is such a system, the best I have seen. Check it out here and if you want more information please call the office 02 65 675 033

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