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Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t WorkLet Food Be Your Medicine

Even if you think it’s a good one.

Today I had 2 conversations with 2 very different ladies, different in age (one in her late 30’s the other her early 60’s) both have been struggling with excess body weight for most of their adult life. In a short conversation of less than 5 minutes I knew immediately why it remains a struggle and will stay that way…..unless they are prepared to rethink what weight loss means.

The younger lady had decided her answer was to work out more, the older decided that if she lives on soup she will loss that stubborn weight. There in is the problem… Let me explain.

You may find this surprising as I have been coaching people through a program that does release excess body fat and builds lean muscle for almost 6 years now. I am a huge fan of weight loss when needed, BUT, not at the expense of health!

Health is the key!

Over Fed – Under Nourished

Honestly why would anyone want to deplete their already struggling body with further nutrient deprivation? Die-ts amounts to a slow suicide, by starving you body of essential nutrient your immune and many other systems begin to break down. This can have serious consequences, yes you may get away with it for some years, but believe me, it’s only because you cannot yet see what is going on within your cells. Most calorie controlled diets ¬†fall into this categories.



As for working out hard, this is much the same problem, during exercise your muscle breaks down, during the recovery stage new muscle is replaced. If you don’t have sufficient high quality nutrient you cannot make new healthy muscle cells. Many would be athletes end up in my clinic with adrenal exhaustion among other health issues and this is just the ‘mild’ version of what can go wrong with the health if abused in this way.

Searching for Wellness

Optimal health has always been my quest, that has taken some interesting paths/experiments over the past 30 years. BUT the key factor is do the principles of wellness, holistic natural healing and lifelong stability form the basis of the program. Sadly so many have NOT!

For a program of weight loss to be successful these guiding principles must be in place if there is any chance of reaching the desired outcome:

  • It must be a lifestyle, not an instant quick fix
  • It must a healthy balance of nutrient that support the organs and systems, including digestion, endocrine, elimination, immune, muscular/skeletal, urinary, etc.
  • The herbs and nutrients must be of highest quality from reliable sources.
  • NO soy, low sugars (not no sugar – the sugar needs to be from a good source and in ideal amount for healthy function – I know there has been a lot of NO SUGAR stories, but in the extreme they are detrimental.)
  • Easy gluten free/low allergy options,
  • Easy to Follow guide
  • Plenty of support both 1:1 and group interactive pages.
  • Cleansing… because most often the body stores fat to store toxins, it’s a safe place to put them! We need to support/enhance the bodies natural cleansing and elimination process.

The program of Nutritional Cleansing remains as my go to for health enhancing weight loss and the more I use and share this program the more impressed I am with the science behind it, the results achieved and the lives transformed.

Watch this short video and see why my friend Heidi loves this program too.

View The video here

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