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Hormone ImbalanceAre You Plagued By The Many and Varied Signs of Hormone Imbalance? Wild Yam Cream Could be your savior.

Anns’s Wild Yam Cream is the first choice for women all over Australia (and overseas) to bring back a happy hormone balance.

Signs of hormone imbalance may include:

Hot Flushes Mood Swings
Irregular Menstrual Cycle Lose of mental focus
Depression Sore Breast
Fluid Retention

Fibroid Cysts, Breast Lumps
Loss of skin tone
Insulin resistance
Carbohydrate cravings (sweets, cakes, chocolate, pastries etc)
Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome
Loss of libido

Cyclic Migraines
Dry vagina
Weight gain and resistant obesity
Low blood sugar
Emotional outburst (crying, anger, frustration)
Lose of bone density

This can all be a thing of the past, with just a little application!

The very simple application of a completely natural cream twice a day for up to 3 months has given hundreds/thousands of women just like you natural relief from any of the above signs of hormonal imbalance.

They telephone daily to express their thanks and gratitude for finding such a natural and safe solution for their symptoms.

Out of Balance Hormones

Hormones out of balance can wreak havoc on our health, from the mild to severe discomforts of PMS and PMT, the trauma of Menopause, the agony of endometriosis, and many other feminine health issues in between.
There are endless remedies available that offer symptomatic relief including so called natural hormones and while these may have short term benefits, none of them offer the broad spectrum benefits that result from a healthy balance of all our essential hormones.

The KEY to balanced hormones comes from providing our bodies with the nutritional resources they need to produce all of our gender specific hormones naturally, in the quantity and at the timing required to meet the ever changing demands of our physical, emotional and reproductive needs.

Women when they achieve this balance speak of it variously as being euphoric, of feeling like a woman again, of achieving a sense of well-being not felt in years.

Wild Yam cream is a Natural source of progesterone precursors, what that means is it provides your body with the building blocks to make the hormone progesterone, which in turn converts to Estrogen. The natural balance is reached by your body having the essential ‘ingredients’ at hand and as needed.

Anna's Wild Yam Cream

The Broad-spectrum Benefits of Wild Yam Cream

Healthy Production Natural Hormones Promotes These Benefits:

Protection against fibrocystic breast   Improves mental focus
Helps prevent breast cancer Improves the strength, quality and texture of skin
Helps prevent endometrial cancer  Stimulates osteoblast bone building activity
Normalizes menstrual cycles Prevents hot flashes & Night Sweats
Helps endometriosis Restores proper cell oxygen levels
A natural diuretic – helps eliminate fluid retention  Normalizes zinc and copper levels
Natural anti-depressant    Normalizes blood sugar levels.
Helps eliminate mood swings   Necessary for the survival of the embryo
Helps use fat for energy with exercise Facilitates thyroid hormone action
Helps reduce cyclic migraine   Restores normal vascular tone
Restores libido and vaginal moisture  Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels*

*Cholesterol in turn precursors the production of our gender specific hormones naturally, at the time and in the quantity for our body’s needs.  

It may take up to 3 months to enjoy all of these benefits and longer for more serious issues. Balanced hormones produce a sense of ‘wellbeing’ not often enjoyed in our polluted world.
  My wife has been using the Anna’s cream for a couple of years and finds it invaluable. So do I, as I can soon tell when she runs out as her moods change quite noticeably. 
“Thanks for your prompt delivery of Anna’s Wild Yam Cream, it arrived within the week!
I can’t wait to begin using it now”
Jill, Aust.

“Many years ago I had a tubal ligation. Before this operation my menstrual cycle was absolutely regular, you could set your clock to it!

After the operation my cycle was extremely delayed, that is my menses would come maybe at 6 to 8 week intervals. BUT..get this: I had pre menstrual tension from week 2. It was terrible 4 to 6 weeks of the crazies.! This was for a total of maybe 10 years.

I begun using Anna’s when it was first released some 4-5 years ago and I am pleased to report that my cycle has been back to normal since that time.

Now as I go into menopause, Anna’s will no doubt come into it’s own again.

Thankyou for your fantastic product, I love that it is completely natural and of such great benefit to my overall health and wellbeing.”

Karen, Sydney, Aust

Anna’s Wild Yam Cream is now available world wide, approximately 3 months supply in each jar for just $Au55.00 plus p&H

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