Youthful Face Serum

Youthful Face Serum

Sharing one of my favourite recipes for natural skin care -Youthful Face Serum.

A long love affair with pure essential oils began way back in 1985, leading to the qualification of Aromatherapist in 1989.  More abut me

I love the scent, blending of scents, and whatI love most is they have never set my hay fever prone nose off in a sneezing frenzy. As was often the case in years gone by with strong smells.

Admittedly I rarely have hay fever since I changed to Nutritional Cleansing, but that’s a side note, (that I am crazy passionate about if you ever want to ask how)

This recipe for Youthful Face Serum profits from one of the most acclaimed essential oils for it’s cosmetic properties. This is so simple to make at home with a few key ingredients. A cute bottle and a few minutes of focus.

Saturday, we had a  “Play shop” to create a range of natural skin care. This blend was very popular, and one of the skin care products we created. Enjoy.

Youthful Face Serum Recipe

makes 36 mls.

  • 30 mls Fractionated Coconut oil (this still has the active ingredients while removing the part that sets in cooler weather)
  • 20 Drops pure Frankincense Essential Oil
  • 20 Drops pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mix in a blue or amber bottle to protect from the light.  Simple shake gently and you are done!

Apply 2-4 drops to face, pigmented, are ‘saggy’ skin on the body daily.

Youthful Face Serum Recipe

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I use and recommend the Isagenix range of pure essential oil and am an Independent associate of Isagenix. Information provided here is independent and from my 40 years as a Naturopath. 

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